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Chanukah Night – Fry Baby, Fry

Let’s make it short and sweet. Lit candles and consumed fried foods.

Fried Fish Filets

Pre-requisite Latkes (grated & shredded)

We need to work on our funnel-cake skills.

Tired of debating your friends on the relative merits of Latkes vs, Hamantashen? Debate no more, and feast your eyes on my new creation: The Deep-Fried-Hamantaschen-on-a-Stick. (if you’re a fan of Jeff Dunham, yours can be “on a steeek”):

Preparing the Hamantaschen:

The Glorious Results:


Deep frying hamentashen? That’s gratuitous oil use!

On Chanukah, there’s no such thing as gratuitous frying :)

fried hamantaschen? You are my hero.

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