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Pomegranate Supermarket

This morning, at 10AM was the grand-opening of Pomegranate Supermarket, in Brooklyn, NY. Certainly the largest Kosher Supermarket in Flatbush, Pomegranate describes itself as “everything. BETTER.” I was impressed with their selection and store-design. I can’t report on prices until I go back with my wife – our Chief-Economist. Olive bar. Sushi bar. Aged steaks. Organic meats. Parking lot (which wasn’t finished). It seems to have it all. Any product I’ve ever seen at a Kosher supermarket was present. Will they stick around? Only time will tell. Cleanliness is definitely a weak-point for many Kosher supermarkets. We’ll revisit the question after the Yomim Tovim. Hopefully, I ‘ll get some pictures when I go back.


I guess this supermarket will appeal to those people who feel that they need to pay 12.99 a lb. for cheese w/peppercorns on it & think they have a right to spend the money sent to them by H’ on extreme goshmias. It is very clean, though, & had some good deals on “loss leaders” (Ronzoni, 5 for $1). Also, the employees were clearly prepped on good customer relations.

So you agree that it’s a clean store, with helpful staff. Got it. And you don’t like cheese with peppercorns.

mmm. cheese with peppercorns.

The New York Times is pretty excited about it – check out today’s paper!

Indeed! It’s a very Kosher-in-Brooklyn day for the NYT:
Sushi and Kishe Under One Roof about Pomegranate, and Chicken in Global Attire about Schitzi’s & Burgers Bar. (Pita Joe doesn’t have any Hechsher, as far as I can see.)

who owns this store , that it gets all of this publicity.

i was very impressed by the stock and cleanliness of the store there were many items on sale there was many products to choose from

I went back to Pomegranate yesterday, and took a longer look at some of the sections.

Asian food: By the sushi counter, I saw rice paper and something called “soy wraps”. The noodles section had rice-noodles. Nori was there, but that’s nothing special.

Gourmet cheese: They have Royal George cheddar, but no Cabot. There are many unlabeled cheeses, so they’re repackaged or homemade, I guess. No fresh mozzarella in whey. They have blue cheese and blue-cheese stuffed olives from Turkey, next to garlic-stuffed olives and imported jardinières and sauerkrauts.

Dry goods: They have many BBQ/hot sauces/mustards. They have many honeys, but not the italian ones. Fruit butters & jams galore.

Basically, this store is for the people who won’t go into supermarkets without a Hechsher. People who go to Whole Foods and the like won’t see much they haven’t seen before. They just won’t have to search for Hechsherim – which is very nice.

The entire store is under Kehilla Kashrus, but the certificate in the front states that there are different standards (Pas Yisroel, Bishul Akum, Cholov Yisroel, etc) to be considered. The letter invites people to contact them for more information – a nice touch.

I will go back for their olive selection which is exceptional. But Fairway in Red Hook, Whole Foods, and the farmer’s markets have everything I need that I don’t already get in Glatt Mart and in the fish store in Ave M. But wow. Those olives!!

I’d guess that Cabot’s “normal” hechsher is not strong enough for them…

No, it just means that they didn’t order any for their opening week. There are products that they didn’t have on the shelves – I don’t automatically assume that they have a problem with the hechsher.

That does remind me, though– Cabot’s Extra Sharp OU Cheddar should be available next month!

Just found out that the extra sharp is being delayed… will make a formal post about it.

we heard an owner boast in yiddish that some cheeses he sells have a huge markup!!!!!shoprite lakewood and fairway red hook are better in many regards,also—if they want to make a dent in brooklyn,why not bring in roumanian kosher cold cuts from chicago and other kosher items we can’t get in the nyc area!!!!!!!

As an “out-of-towner” who got a chance to see Pomegranate up close this weekend, let me just say…

You NYCers sure give up an awful lot to live where you do. Pomegranate struck me as a nice, clean, well serviced grocery store – the kind you run into on every corner down here in the south. While the Kosher draw is great, the only thing I saw that differentiated them was the higher end cheeses (not that many, honestly), and the prepared foods.

Are cleanliness, service, and a half-decent shopping experience that foreign in NYC? Having seen some other places there, I have my own opinion… Seriously, I would rate my local Fresh Market a slight notch above Pomegranate (no knock on them).

organic chulent…..yay!!! i give them a year for the excitement to wear off. after that, welcome to the real world. the dollar is king. we’re not all such “demanding gourmands” here in flatbush. the market for that is quite small and nowhere near enough to sustain this behemoth.

myron: From commenters on Chowhound, I understand that the management is very open to suggestions. Why don’t you pass on this request to them?

SLS: Yes, “Southern Hospitality” is a rarity in NYC. Unfortunately, more so in Kosher establishments that have a captive audience.

I’d like to remind you all, that we’re talking about the Pomegranate Supermarket – not city life, “gashmius vs. ruchnius”, “normal hechsherim” or the “huge markup”. Pomegranate is something new in the Brooklyn shopping scene (and possibly further).

did not really think it was a healthfood store like Ive heard.Beautifull store and everything made by them looks delicious I just dont see how its a healthfood supermarket like a wholefoods, its more like an Gourmet Glatt (5 towns) on little higher level.

In response to Myron I have family in windy city and go often. Nothin beats Romanian however they do not distribute the owner did not get a license b/c he does not care for expanding the buisness. Believe me hes been aproached by amny fans and he just is not interested in more hassles and likes it the way it is.

Pomegranate just fired 50 workers ,including a manager ,att: dont be fooled by the money ,you might find yourself on the outside looking in

back to basics: how are the prices and is it really worth going?

i actually did a full shabbos shopping there and compared prices to where i normally shop. 90% of the products i bought were the same price to the penny as my regular grocery, not that they give great pricing, it’s just convenient on my trip home from work. did appreciate pomegranante cleanliness and customer service. if i find parking on the way home from work i would definitely do more shopping there

Travelling from Europe to NYC and would like to know the adress of this Pomegreanate superrmarket. Can anybody help me? They don`t have a homepage yet.
jan vajnorsky

it on ave l and coney island-go to

It may not be a kosher “Whole Foods,” but it’s clean and has a great variety. Workers know where to find items and are courteous. Prices for the majority of items are comparable to other stores, general & kosher. Parking is easy.

All in all, a very pleasant shopping experience!

How do the prices compare with Brachs of the five towns?

On the plus side the store is clean and the staff is helpful/friendly. The selection is good,(coconut milk mit heckser) though not outstanding. There are some minuses, prices in the aqggregate (that is as a total) are higher. Parking is ‘difficult’ the lot there is small. Produce selection is limited and somewhat pricey.
In the end my wife and I probably split shopping there 60/40 with the chain grocery, it’s a good addition for Brooklyn.

I finally went to this place and the place seem clean. I was amazed with their prices. It was like ripping people off. I can walk a couple of block for the same product and cheaper prices. The prices are 3 times higher then more places.

It a shame that they are ripping off the Jewish community with these high prices.

I went shopping there for passover ..What a selection..I have never seen a store in Brooklyn so organized,spotless clean,big variety ..The meat dept and fish dept.was so beautiful clean and i found the pricing very competitive..I never thought of finding so many cheese and appetizing products kosher for passover…Honestly i went there to shop for small stuff and finished with a $1346.53 checkout receipt..I wish i lived closer so i can shop there every week….Thanks for the Parking and all the help who assisted in my shlepping to the car…I wish the owner great Hatzloche

prices are very very reasonable and large selection. i will return.

Am having an engagement party for my daughter in Passaic, New Jersey and need to find a store that carries really nice salads by the pound. Any suggestions?

the store is beautiful. it’s a real pleasure shoppin there!!!!!!

My family and I love shopping at this Brooklyn store. We go there many times from Staten Island. The prepared foods are excellent. The employees behind the counters are very friendly and helpful. The store is very clean. I have been telling many Staten Islanders about the positive experience of shopping there. Perhaps, one day, management will open a similar store on Staten Island.

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