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The OU website has a new series of audio programs called “Kosher Tidbits.” The programs deal with such topics as cheese, vegetable inspection, and even the OU trademark. I haven’t listened to any of them yet, but I’m hoping that a few will help explain why the OU does what it does.

If there are any particular topics that you’d like to hear covered, Gil Student is willing to convey them to the powers that be.


I did listen to most… they are clear, concise and most educational for all level listeners.

i’m impressed by the attention to detail. Go OU!

Glad to hear that! I’ll start listening to them as soon as I have a chance.

Fish is so frustrating. One of the Rabbi’s here explained that since fish is cut with a cold knife, it doesn’t really matter that they are a treif fish market, as long as you wash the fish thouroughly when you get back. It feels weird, but is Kosher. However, a strip of scales must be on the fist to be able to inspect it.

This created a problem for me with Tuna steaks. The tuna steaks there were without skin, but I was able to smell and inspect them, and I am 100% certain they are tuna. As a sushi and sashimi lover, I couldn’t be tricked by a different fish dyed to look like Tuna.

However, thinking about it, that really isn’t proper, even though it is tuna and really doesn’t matter (I didn’t eat treif, but definitely took a short cut). However, we have a certified kosher fish market down here, but it’s further from my house. However, my wife passes it on her way back from work, and you can call in orders… so there we go. On a Sunday, I’m limited to what my local fish guy has with skin on it, but the rest of the week, we have a fish market.

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed what I found there.

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