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Starbucks Liqueurs going kosher

According to a press release issued today, Starbucks coffee liqueurs will soon feature OU certification:

Those who love their Starbucks coffee, which is under the kosher supervision of the Orthodox Union, are certain to be delighted by the mid-summer announcement of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. — the fourth largest spirits company in the world and a unit of Fortune Brands — that Starbucks Coffee Liqueur and Starbucks Cream Liqueur products now also display the famed symbol.

A 750ml bottle of Starbucks Coffee or Cream Liqueur has a suggested retail price of $22.99, which varies by market. These products are also available in 1L, 375ml and 50ml bottles. For signature recipes and additional information, visit

This is welcome news. I never thought the kosher coffee liqueurs previously available really stood up to traditional Kahlua, and this US News article from March of last year suggests that tasters actually prefer Starbucks Liqueur to Kahlua in white russians. Time to plan another Big Lebowski party!

UPDATE: The coffee liqueur is OU pareve, and the cream liqueur is OU dairy.


Wow, party time it is!
Now if anybody wants to know what to bring me from the states….

another big time L’chaim thanks to OU.

What is the deal with Starbucks what can i order in the coffee shop itself besides for regular coffee are any of the flavors or frappicinos kosher can somone tell me where to find the information THANKS

I do not like coffee, and haven’t investigated the coffee drinks, but I’ve looked at the flavorings bottles (for my hot cocoa) and they’re all OU.

Actually, the cocoa at Starbucks is not certified (hence mocha drinks are, I am told, problamatic). I have always been surprised about this. I believe their chocolate syrup is ok though. I think their hot cocoa mix (retail) is supervised as well. I am not sure if their cocoa and mocha products really are problematic, or this is based on misinformation. I am also unclear why star-k objects to whipped cream, which is not cooked in anything and is prepared in dispensers. Does their cream mix contain anything non-kosher?

Michael: You probably intended to post this comment here, At any rate, according to Kosherquest, cocoa does not require certification.

You have a point about the whipped cream. Maybe the phrase “whipped toppings” actually refers to foam?

So, ever since reading this, I’ve been looking for the liquers with an OU in store, to no avail. Then, I saw this new OU alert:

Although the OU symbol is not yet on the bottles, please be advised that these products are certified as follows:
Starbucks™ Coffee Liqueur is OU, Kosher and Parve.
Starbucks™ Cream Liqueur is OU-D, Kosher and Dairy.

While I’m excited by this, I’m also confused. I can understand if all bottles with a certain #/date were kosher, assuming this was after the certification began. But, how can there be complete retroactive kashruth on these? If I were to buy a bottle from the first ever batch, when there was no supervision/certification, why is that allowed to be retroactively kosher???

That’s nonsensical.

ELF — My hunch is that you’re right re: whipped toppings.

My younger sister works at Starbucks. I’ll try to ask her tomorrow about the toppings.

It’s possible that the whipped cream contains gelatin?

Did some searching online and found out that Starbucks uses its vanilla syrup in its whipped cream. Perhaps that is hechscher-less.

Whenever I’ve checked, Starbuck’s vanilla syrup has been certified by the good ol’ reliable OU. However, it is necessary to check each time you want syrup… since there is no way of checking what syrup went into the whipped cream, that might be the cause of concern.

According to my sister, the Starbucks franchises prepare their whipped cream by placing vanilla syrup and heavy cream (I forgot the order) in a special canister, and processing the syrup/cream mixture with a carbon-dioxide machine.

The vanilla syrup used to prepare the whipped cream is the same vanilla syrup used to flavor coffees, so presumably it is under the OU. As all Orthodox authorities(*) advise one to check the syrup heksheirim before adding them into coffee, I would presume that this logic extends to the whipped cream, and that the whipped cream therefore cannot be used under any circumstances as there is no way of personally verifying that the syrup bottle used to fill the whipped cream canister bore a reliable heksher.

She also said that there is no such thing as a “whipped topping” at Starbucks. Whipped cream is whipped cream, and foam is foam.

(*) I specify “Orthodox authorities” because those are the sources I consult for kashrus advice – I’m not qualified to say how or if another denomination’s Rabbis/kashrus agencies would advise their membership to check syrups.

Hey everyone check out this site:

It’s a reliable orthodox site with a list of all the kosher drinks you can order

Cool i never knew that such a site existed!
Thanks for the link

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